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Can You Handle the TRUTH?

Building a ripped-warrior body isn’t a flash-in-the-pan event.

I think you know deep in your heart that quick fixes don’t work.

Instead, lasting change is a lifelong journey.

You Have 3 Choices…

  1. You run away. Quit. Give up. This is the coward’s path, and it rarely works (because the soldier who scurries away is usually the first one to get impaled in the back).
  2. Two: You tough it out and fight head on. Brute force. You tell yourself you just have to use will power to proceed. You might think this is the Spartan Way, but it’s not …
  3. Three: You make the enemy come to you under conditions of YOUR choosing. You alter your environment so your enemy plays into your hands. This is the smart way – the way that combines STRENGTH and INTELLIGENCE. This is the Spartan Way. You put your effort and strength where it COUNTS, not fritter and waste it on worthless time wasters. I teach you how to do exactly this in A Spartan Rises.

Make no mistake.

You are fighting a battle.

You’re fighting a battle against laziness, against inertia, against your self-image as a weak person.

You’re fighting a battle against time wasters, obligations, changes in schedules.

You’re fighting a battle against your body’s reluctance to workout.

You’re fighting a battle against being cheap, not wanting to invest in proper nutrients, gym membership, and the essential knowledge that will allow you to transform.

So a battle is being waged.

How will you choose to fight?
Get The Spartan Strength Ladder – FREE