Finally, a Breakthrough Way to Know Exactly What &
When to Eat to Perfectly Sculpt the Head-Turning Body
All Those Gut-Busting Workouts Alone Will Never Give You!


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Food doesn’t need to be complicated, expensive or time consuming.  In this course I’ll show you how transform your body by simply adjusting your Food Intake (just like I did).

You’ll learn:

  • 3 tactics to obliterate your late night snacking
  • When and how to use cheat meals without killing your self-confidence
  • The 1 CRITICAL day of each week that ensures you stay on track to get results fast!
  • 35 done for you meal plans for your first 7 days, plus dozens more added each week
  • Great snacks + “On the Go” muscle foods that are quick & easy
  • How to decode nutrition labels and become immune to food marketing industry hype
  • The best strategies for eating smart during work or social outings.
  • How better nutrition increases your stamina and slingshots testosterone your workouts produce to all the right places (especially in the bedroom).


You’ll get over 27+ coaching videos on meal planning, shopping and even 7 days LIVE following me around as I show you exactly what I eat & when I eat it!

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#1:  You will no longer be confused when it comes to nutrition.  Finally, you’ll hold the key elements for safe, lasting nutrition success.  And have the confidence you’re making the right food decisions based on your physique goals.

#2:  You will know exactly what and when to eat to lose fat or pack on muscle anywhere you want.  So you can stop wasting your time searching for miracle workouts and supplements.


#3: You will get an all access behind the scenes look at EXACTLY what I’ve eaten and how I use my own system to get and keep the body you’ve seen on YouTube.

#4: Your motivation and passion for working out will be at an ALL TIME high because you’ll literally see the fruits of your labor every time you look in the mirror.

With the Food Intake Breakthrough System  there simply is no quicker or easier way for you to know the right foods you can eat to sculpt your body.

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