Master The Perfect Muscle Building & Fat Burning Equation For Your Body Type.
Smash Your Physique Goals With A Food Program That’ll Sculpt You Into A Greek Warrior God
Use Food To Tap Into The Power And Potential That’s Rightfully Yours.

My fellow Spartan in training,

You’ve seen what’s possible with the A Spartan Rises lifting program.

Now discover how other trainees are having success with Nectar of Hercules

Is Something Stopping You From Total Body Domination?

If you’re working hard and not getting results it’s because you’re failing to give your body the fuel it needs to rebuild after your workouts.

If you think you’re eating well, but you’re not making progress then you’re way off the ideal food intake rate.

If your food prep is taking too much time or effort than you’re doing something wrong.

You Need A Way To Automatically Fuel Your Body Without Disrupting Your Life

Picture yourself looking in the mirror to see your V frame taking shape...

Think about how it’d feel to smash your current fitness goals out of the park...

Imagine the power you'll feel when your muscles are sculpted into perfect form...

All of this can happen and more if you change the way you use food to fuel your training AND recovery.

Just let me show you the simple way to finally get the body you’ve dreamed of.

Introducing Nectar of Hercules:
Food Intake Maps To Enhance Your Training Beyond All Expectations.

My food intake course will help you burn fat and build the muscle you want without delay.

I’ll show you how to use my proven equations to measure energy and perfect your food intake so you can see the fruits of your hard work in the mirror and transform your body.

The simple program will eliminate all the confusion you’ve been feeling about food and make it easy to give your body what it needs to grow.

Nectar of Hercules will make the gym time you spend count for something, whether it’s your goal to build muscle and grow, lose fat and lean down - or just gain vitality worthy of a warrior.

So Here's Everything You Get From
Nectar of Hercules...

  • Effortless Iron Will
    Instead of fighting yourself with energy sucking will power, learn the powerful mental tool that allows your eating and workouts to tap into unlimited power.

  • 3 Food Intake Dials
    Whether you want to admit it or not, the content of what you eat affects your body.  By mastering how to use these dials to your advantage, you will always know exactly what and when to fuel your body for optimum performance.

  • Automatic Food Intake System
    Discover the tools apps, automated made-for-you menu plans and food lists Doctore uses during every Spartan 7 period to reach his body targets while running two businesses and busy social life.

  • Muscle Building Food Intake
    Building muscle with the wrong foods will leave you looking like an NFL lineman with a muffin top.  Find out how to use the 3 dials with lists of foods and food combinations that pack on hard lean muscle.

  • Fat Loss Food Intake
    While you might create sixpack abs in the gym, you UNCOVER or BURRY them with every meal you eat.  Learn how to ditch the belly blubber with these fat shredding foods and combinations.

  • Build Muscle AND Burn Fat Food Intake
    No area has more confusion than this one: how to get lean while adding bulk.  Not any longer.  You’ll also get a food dial calculator plus food lists and meal planners to guarantee you get that cut look you’re after.

  • 7-Day Live Video "Behind the Scenes" w/Doctore
    Follow the Doctore as he puts the Nectar of Hercules through the rigors of an insanely busy week running 3 businesses!

    See what and when he eats (including pre/post workout meals), how he preps things, what he
    does when he goes out to a restaurant, and even go grocery shopping with him as he shows you how to REALLY decode food labels.  

    This is the next closest thing to being in my $2,500 week long private workouts and nutrition coaching program.