Popular Recipe for Muscle Building Disaster

Let’s do some “Q&A” action today.

Been gettin lots of questions on building up lean, mean muscle mass.

First question…

QUESTION: Hey Ryan, can I get good results by mixing strength and hypertrophy workout? Like 5×5 flat barbell chest workout then followed by 8-12 reps incline db and flys.

RYAN: Ahhh someone’s been surfing those internet forums!

When you start mixing and matching tips you read from one source into another you’ve got a nice recipe for wasted time. Especially if you’re flippin through muscle mags.

Part of what makes a workout effective is the proper structure and flow.

Just like a good song.

If you took the Stairway to Heaven chorus and threw in lyrics from a Justin Bieber song… it wouldn’t quite fly.


QUESTION: Hey Ryan? how long should a gym session last?

RYAN: Workout longer & harder and you’ll see more muscles…?

Not quite.

This is one of those counter-intuitive situations when it comes to building muscle (unfortunately there’s a lot of ’em).

You should be outta there in under 60 minutes flat.

If you’re not it’s a symptom of a bad workout, and wasted time (yours)…

Okay, one more…

QUESTION: Ryan, I’ve been doing bench press, dumbbell push ups and butterflies for my chest, between 8-12 reps x 3 sets, yet my chest? muscles don’t seem to grow. After half a year, I haven’t moved on much when it comes to weight lifted. Any help?

RYAN: Bench is a great exercise for building a bigger chest.

But it’s not the best.

Certainly not the one I’ve used to build mine.

If you’re weight isn’t moving up it’s a symptom you’re doing something wrong.

Sorta like a fever is a symptom that your body is fighting off a disease. You won’t know what disease until you see a doc, but at least you know something’s up.

Worst course of action is to keep doing what you’ve always done, that will leave you with the same body you have now but less energy and motivation.

To diagnose what pieces you’re missing join me tomorrow as I teach my Muscle Growth Formula.

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