Spartans! Today We Lift Like…

No fireworks or tips today.

Just a quickie announcement:

A Spartan Rises training program is now available. Early birds scooped it up like crazy this weekend.

“Ryan, is this REALLY any good? Is it
REALLY worth the hoopla and

Then here are a few (unsolicited) testimonials on my unique Spartan training methods:

I’m loving the Spartan Ladder it’s a really great concept and its progressing along quite well.Since I started your program and i’ve shed almost 8lbs in three weeks which is awesome.

Thanks for all your help!”
~Chris P.

“I was a tid bit hesitant to purchasing you’re course, but after was very impressed and happy I did.

There was so much information, it took me some time to watch and re watch your videos. But when I heard what was included, it was a no brainer.

A fool would pass it up!

I’ve officially quit soda and drink only water and I’ve never felt healthier. I’m working on counting my calories but somedays I’m better than others.
And I’m getting closer to that 6 pack and 3D chest!

Keep up the great work.”
~Clayton C

“Before I met you, it was really easy to drift along with the latest fad diet…?There was “starve yourself until the afternoon,” “work out two hours everyday,” “take this supplement or that supplement,” or some of all.

It is really hard to sift through all the stuff to find what works.

A twenty year old can cheat and do just about anything and still look good. As for me at 54, it is an effort every day to not gain weight.

What I like about your program is that it teaches you to help your own body and to learn your own metabolism. Somebody may say they are doing this or that, but I now know what works for me.?

The system fits into everyday life easily. It is not hard and not time consuming.

Actually, I found myself having more free time when following your nutrition and exercise program while still seeing better results with my workouts.”
~Dr Stephen B.

“With the use of Ryan’s Spartan training program, and his personal coaching, I’ve lost over 16 lbs and am getting closer to reaching my target goal weight.

Over the years I’ve tried several other popular weight training programs, but quickly lost motivation and never stuck with them past a month. With Ryan’s Spartan training program this hasn’t been a problem. I don’t plan on stopping anytime soon… I actually look forward to working out!

The Spartan training program is simple but yet very effective.

Ryan has a wealth of information he shares in a structured way so you never feel overwhelmed. He gradually adds things into the program which results in more of my own personal achievements.He never forces you to do anything you don’t want, and if you are not able to do something, he will quickly find another way to help you attain the desired results.

Ryan is very motivational and patient to work with.

From all my efforts of following the Spartan training program, I’m seeing more and more results.

I have a leaner, muscular body. My shirt sleeves fit more tightly around the arms when they didn’t before. Pants keep sliding down which require me to tighten the belt one extra notch. My strength has increased significantly, I have more energy, and overall I just feel better. And as an added bonus… I’ve even noticed more women checking me out.

Thanks Ryan!”
~ Scott C, 44

If you’re ready to get the rock solid body of a Spartan without living at the gym or suffering through a 90-Day infomercial program go here next:

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Never Retreat & Never Surrender,
Ryan Masters
The Spartan Doctore
Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist