The Case Against Working Out

You read that right.

Let’s mix it up today.

I’m about to make a case AGAINST working out.

Me. Ryan Masters. The guy who has filmed all those YouTube videos about how

to work out more effectively, how to get a 3D chest, how to get the body you’ve

always wanted by working out the right way.

Believe or not, I’m about to make a case against doing all that.

You see, I don’t believe you should do anything unless you’re going to give it your

all. If you’re going to do something half-assed, I say don’t bother. I believe that if

something is REALLY important to you, you should give yourself every chance

to succeed.

I Thought I Was Giving it My All, But I Was Half-Assing It

And for years I THOUGHT I was giving it my all.  I THOUGHT I was working on

my body as hard as I could…giving it 110%.

If anyone had told me I was half-assing it …well, I’m not a violent guy…but let’s just say, I would have disagreed intensely!
But, you know what? If someone told me back then that I was half-assing it, they would have been right.
Sure, I was working out hard.

I was even working out smart.

But I was half-assing it in one extremely important way.

Two Steps Forward, One Step Back…Sometimes Two Steps Back!

The way I was half-assing it was by not getting the food side of my fitness equation

under control.

I would work out hard…then I would undercut all my hard work by not eating right.

And, even though you probably don’t want to hear this: the food side of the equation is MORE important than the working out side if you really want to achieve a head-turning, ripped body.

So, there I was, telling myself I really wanted to look GREAT…telling myself that I wanted a head-turning body…telling myself I wanted to lookamazing with my shirt off.

But every single day my actions contradicted all that.

I know this sounds crazy coming from a guy who loves to work out, but

You might as well stop working out if you’re not serious about getting the food side of the equation down cold.

That’s right.

Just stop it.

All you’re doing is taking one step forward and one step back.

And maybe even worse!

If you’re working out hard and you’re not eating right, you might even be adding stress and strain to your body that makes it LESS healthy and fit.

That’s right, you could be doing all that gym work and making yourself LESS healthy in the process.

Or you can finally get it right.

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Never Retreat & Never Surrender,
Ryan Masters
The Spartan Doctore
Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist