The Great Soreness Myth

Chattin with a buddy yesterday who recently started lifting.

Said he was soooo sore and when he picked up his kids his arms felt like jello.

Heh, I remember those days (of soreness!)

Soreness is a good thing… but it ain’t the only thing.

Have you ever wondered to yourself…

“Dang, I’m not sore! Wait… does that mean I didn’t work out hard enough?”

Popular question.

Ya see, when you are BRAND NEW to working out you will be sore.

Basically your body isn’t used to being torn down and it fights you by trying to make you feel the pain (ie soreness) so you’ll stop training.

However, just like ignoring a whiny kid, eventually your body quits fighting you and your soreness goes away after workouts.

Of course totally new workouts, rep ranges, angles, etc may bring back some soreness – but here’s the real kicker:


It’s a red herring or false positive.

This is a really tough concept to grasp because you and I FEEL sore.

Since we FEEL IT, our mind tries to trick us into the TRAP of thinking you need to be sore for a good workout.

And WHAT happens?

You start worrying about being SORE.

Which means you stopped worrying about STAYING FOCUSED on FINISHING your training program.

(Which is partly the fault of the program since it didn’t teach you what to focus on)

You may even switch to a new workout…and down the toilet goes your results and motivation because it is an ENDLESS cycle of frustration.

But I teach the opposite of that in A Spartan Rises.

You’ll discover the secret to endless motivation and laser-sharp focus.

We dive right into it in Week 1 of your Doctore coaching videos.

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Never Retreat & Never Surrender,
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