The Hunt for the Red Hot Summer

Check out this recent e-mail I got.

My comments to follow.


I stumbled upon your programme as so many do, trolling the net for the next best thing, the latest “in” programme.

I expected another 2-6 wk programme promising the earth.

But what I found was not a programme, but a lifestyle.

I was taught that I was on a journey that takes time & focus.

The programme &motivational emails, podcasts ring true & I am able to balance my work, life & gym like never before. The Spartan Strength ladder allows me to accurately monitor my journey whilst my “Spartan Hot Gates” have helped immensely with my food and water intake.

I have nothing but praise for my Doctore Ryan & I would recommend this programme for anyone who is lost in the fitness world.


Excellente, he has repented from his sinful ways of chasing that latest fad.

Hence able to find true balance.

Most guys get caught up in the “new workout” shiny sparkle on their summer abs quest.

Chasing the latest & greatest like a dog after it’s own tail.

Then summer rolls around and so does their belly at the pool.

Cuz slow & steady wins the race… as long as it’s headed in the right direction!

That’s why A Spartan Rises is a lifestyle change.

There are over 177 factors involved in transforming your body.

Do you really think you’re gonna nail them all in one workout?


No way.

Instead we’re going to step-by-step re-wire your brain while your body is packing on muscle.

So you sculpt new physique you can actually keep – without turning your life upside down.

It’s all mindset baby.

Get this right and everything else falls into place.

Skip this… and well… you’ll be skipped over like the hundreds of other average dudes hanging out on the beach.

Choice is yours.

But NOW (not the day before pool opens) is the time to decide.

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Never Retreat & Never Surrender,
Ryan Masters
The Spartan Doctore
Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist