The Love of Mass is the Root of All Weakness

This might ruffle some feathers.

But this is much importanto training advice you gotta know.

When it comes to packing on solid muscle mass most guys go about it all wrong.

(which is why their skinny jeans still fit)

Here’s what happens:

They hop on ze internet or flip through their favorite muscle mag and stumbled across ‘You need to do 8-10 reps for size!’ training advice.

Next they rush out to the gym armed with their new 8-10 rep workout.

Doesn’t take long for them to get flustered cuz they’re experiencing little growth.

Not from lack of effort.

Nope nope.

Just misdirected effort.

Cuz the training advice they read is semi-flawed.

Totally skips over the FOUNDATION you must have in order to grow greek-god like muscles.

The foundation is built from STRENGTH.

Just like the great Arnold himself pointed out,

“American magazines wrote about the split routine as if it were my secret: it become the big thing.  Everybody thought that was how I’d grown as much as I had in such a short time…”

…but I was doing heavy squats, heavy bench presses and this provided some of the foundation work of my body, which has always made me appear strong.  Certain bodybuilders lack that look. They have good bodies but don’t appear powerful. The reason is inadequate foundation training.”


Nowadays it’s even more prevalent.

You see tons of ‘big’ guys at gym who look like puffy marshmallows.

Cuz they skipped the foundation training and are doing mostly isolation exercises.

Or loonnnng workout routines.

So instead of dense, rock-solid muscle, they look like they’re smuggling water balloons under their skin.

All that effort gone to waste.

Give me HALF the hours he spent training and I could build him 4x stronger looking physique.


Because A Spartan Rises follows the same proven muscle growing philosophy that worked for Arnold.


And in just 9 weeks you can have your own.

But – it’s really easy to mess this up.

Like just slapping on the heaviest weight you can and lifting.


or doing 3-5 reps for everything because that is the ‘strength range’.


Seems counterintuitive but I did it by doing just a few simple exercises only 3x a week along with the Spartan Strength Ladder.

You can see the safe, sensible plan I used at:

Never Retreat & Never Surrender,
Ryan Masters
The Spartan Doctore
Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist