This Made Me Laugh

Got a funnnnny comment yesterday.

Wonder if you’ll agree?

It was during the Live Q&A of my Muscle Growth Formula Master Class.

We’d hammered through some great questions on:

* What supplements actually work? (which ones I’ve taken that helped)

* Best approach for getting under 10% bodyfat?

* Should you take your last rep to failure?

* Effective cardio for fat loss but keeping muscle?

Eventually guys started digging into MY transformation, what I did, how long, did I drink? The whole caboodle.

That’s when Faithon (all the way from Greece) piped in;

“You were also pissed in the first videos! And now you are just hyper happy… transforming your body surely transformed your mood!”

Man oh man.

I was cracking up. Funny because it’s kinda true.

Watching earlier videos might make you wince from my stone cold personality. But it wasn’t cuz I was mad.

I just didn’t know how to talk on camera yet, it was NEW to me. But I kept plugging away, every week.. and while you wouldn’t call me a pro you can SEE a noticeable difference.

Well guess what?

Same concept applies to YOU and your WORKOUTS.

Sure in the beginning you may be fumbling all over the place, unsure if you’re doing the right things… not seeing much happen.

BUT if you stick with it, the changes will come!

Now, they’ll come a lot FASTER if you get the right kinda help.

But ya can’t quit.

You’re all you’ve got man, don’t you deserve the best?

I will answer that for you: HELL TO THE YES.

Get in there and get it done.

Never Retreat & Never Surrender,
Ryan Masters
The Spartan Doctore
Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist