Why I Don’t Answer Emails

This might ruffle a few feathers.

But hey the truth is harsh and reality is often worse ;).

Some guy got his panties in a bunch and was sending me nasty e-mails ‘cuz I didn’t “answer” his first one.

These fellas always crack me up.

Oh how entitled they are to everything!

Here’s a newsflash.

You’re entitled to one thing in this life…


That’s it.

So when I get emails like this:

“Hi, can you give me an advice im trying to get fit, so i run do some lifting and play some sports, but how can i get bigger muscles,i mean what can i eat to get to achieve that.”

I hit delete faster than the speed of light.

(well actually my assistant does)


Not ‘cuz he’s a bad dude or evil for asking me questions… that’s totally normal and sometimes I’ll throw them in a Q&A email.

But because he’s LAZY.

It’s EASY to fire off an email ‘hey! how do i get abs?’

That takes no work, no sacrifice.

It takes a little bit of WORK to omigosh… search my YouTube channel and go through a few videos to discover I’ve already answered the question.

So why in the world would I waste my time responding to that lack of effort e-mail when I have thousands of men around the world diligently working hard at improving themselves every day?

Exactly.  I don’t.

The lesson for you is this – GUARD YOUR TIME.

Cuz if you don’t protect it and value it… SOMEONE will take it.

Not out of spite or malicious intent, but simply because they don’t know better (because YOU haven’t set the boundaries…)

I know my time is worth $500.00 an hour.

That’s what my clients at Squeeze Juice Marketing regularly pay me to help grow their e-commerce businesses online.

So no, I will not drop what I’m doing to answer some afterthought workout question e-mail.

But what I WILL do is help men HELP THEMSELVES.

Build a strong masculine physique in the fastest way possible (still takes WORK).

That’s what I’m here for.


Never Retreat & Never Surrender,
Ryan Masters
The Spartan Doctore
Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist